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Xerox and the Texas Department of Transportation were before the Texas state legislature on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 answering questions about their billing practices. The result? TxDOT acknowledged that it has been incorrectly billing thousands of Texas residents. According to TxDOT, over 30,000 Texas residents have been sent bills with incorrect charges, totalling over 3.5 million incorrect toll transaction charges. … Continue reading →


TxTAG and TxDOT Acknowledges Incorrect Billing

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I worked for the Court’s Department of TxTag for about a month helping them find people who were not paying their tolls and filing criminal charges against them in the Justice of the Peace Courts.

That being said, I can help you avoid being bound into a contract paying these toll road authorities more money than you legally have to pay them.  I am aware of the processes these toll authorities are using to prosecute individuals such as yourself for outstanding toll violations, and I want to help you fight these fees just as badly as you probably do not want to pay them!

My services in this area start at any point in the fee collection process, whether that be the initial invoice, a violation, or collection agencies.  I am also more than willing to help you fight these fines in Justice of the Peace Courts at jury settings or for full blown jury trials.  As a young practicing attorney, I can afford to take these cases to Jury Trial for VERY reasonable rates – especially considering the amount of fees you may be facing in the long run against these toll authorities!

Call me today to discuss the specifics of your toll road issue!